Find affordable home addition services in Houston & Katy, TX

Find affordable home addition services in Houston & Katy, TX

Add Space and Value to Your Home

Did you know that adding a room or deck onto your home could actually be a sound financial investment? When you add square footage to your home, its value increases.

If you're putting off the home addition you want because of cost concerns, trust Lonestar Custom Construction & Remodeling, LLC to help you find an affordable solution. We'll build a seamless addition that looks like it was always part of your home, for a surprisingly affordable price.

Contact us today for home addition services in the Houston & Katy, TX area.

5 ways to make the most of your sunroom

One way to make sure you benefit from your home addition is by devoting the space to a particular use. Make your sunroom addition one of the most useful parts of your house by turning it into:

  1. A home gym
  2. A guestroom
  3. A greenhouse
  4. A playroom
  5. A dining room

The possibilities are practically endless. Call 713-261-6388 now to explore the benefits of a sunroom addition with a skilled remodeler.